Petroleum Refining Lab: In this laboratory, the students of DCHE (Petrochemicals) will be learning the quality testing procedures on various Petroleum products like Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene, Lubricating oils, Engine oils, Grease, Tar etc. Fluid Mechanics Lab: This lab is run in conjunction with the theory course (Fluid Mechanics). It is an introductory course where flow behavior, fluid forces and analysis tools are introduced. The goals of the experiments include determination of forces generated when fluid flow takes place over a solid object, demonstration of the momentum and energy equations. Intricate flow phenomena such as separations and transition to turbulence are demonstrated. Experimental setups such as flow through a tube, flow over a flat plate, flow meters are made available to the students. The lab experiments utilize U-tube manometer. The lab runs closely with the lectures in such a way that experiments support the text covered in the class room. General Chemical Technology Lab: The Chemical Technology curriculum prepares individuals for work as analytical technicians in chemical laboratories associated with chemical production, environmental concerns, pharmaceuticals, or general analysis. Course work includes general chemistry, organic chemistry, qualitative and quantitative analysis, instrumental chemistry techniques. Students are also trained on data collection, analysis, and graphical presentation. Mass Transfer Lab: Separation equipments account for a major part of the capital investment in process industry. Fundamental laws like Fick’s law of diffusion, Rayleigh’s equations, Raoult’s law, Steam Distillation law governing the design and operation of these equipments are covered in the course “Mass Transfer”. The purpose of this lab is to introduce the undergraduate students with the most important separation equipments in the process industry, and provide a hands-on training of the proper operation of these units. This helps in not only understanding the theoretical fundamentals of the subject but also helps to visualize its real-world applications in the process industry. Heat Transfer Lab: This lab provides fundamental and industrial knowledge about modes of heat transfer, like conduction, convection and radiation, and their application. Polymer Testing and Plastic Technology Lab: This lab provide detailed analysis ofcompounds, plastics, resins, elastomers, monomers, polymer additives and other polymer materials. Technology of Oils and Fats Lab: In this lab, the experiments pertaining to adulteration of oil and fats, analysis of various oils and fats like acid value, saponification value, iodine value etc and preparation of soaps and detergents will be carried out.