Diploma in Chemical Engineering (Petrochemicals) – DCHE (PC)

The course is of sandwich pattern with duration of three and half year tenure. The first two years of study is at institution level and the third year is industrial training. The last six months is final semester and after completion of this semester the students completes his course. Emphasis is given on all the areas of Chemical Engineering like Fluid mechanics, Mass transfer, Heat transfer, Mass and Energy Balances, General Chemical Technology, Thermodynamics, Instrumentation and process control, Mechanical Unit operation etc. Special emphasis is given on the subjects like Petroleum Refining (both theory and practical), Petrochemical Technology.

Vision of the Department: Diploma in Chemical Engineering (Petrochemicals)

To empower the Diploma students of Chemical Engineering (Petrochemicals) to be technically adept, innovative, self-motivated and responsible Indian citizen possessing human values and contribute significantly towards high quality skill in technical education.

Mission of the Department: Diploma in Chemical Engineering (Petrochemicals)

  • Mission is to provide Diploma students who are capable to take pivotal role in wide aspects of Chemical Engineering and Petrochemicals.
  • The students are able to understand basic concepts underlie in Chemical Engineering and Petrochemicals and able to apply them creatively in different fields of Chemical Engineering and Petrochemicals are sensitive to the Environment and safety.
  • Our curriculum offered to students to get trained in real-time Chemical Engineering and Petrochemicals application.

Making students to prepare for professional careers in Industry and advanced studies.


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